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Yes I agree that there are “sharks” out there, but this is not a new thing, such practices have been going on 10, 15, 20 years, but people still ignore.
I know from first hand experience, from a person I know, who recently visited Spain for the first time, after going to an exhibition. They were taken to Jumilla and shown this wonderful opportunity (called an “investment” by the agent). Told what rental income they could expect and the increase in value of the property. Before visiting, they asked what I thought, I told them and advised caution. Yup, they bought it, and are looking forward to renting it out, when it is due for completion December 2007!!!!!!!!!
Works on construction are due to commence this month.
Live in hope.

So OK, why should they listen to me or anyone else, just don’t come crying when things turn sour.

There are sharks in all walks of life and in all Countries, but, the purchaser should take some of the blame in numerous instances.

In UK, would a purchaser listen to a developer and use the lawyer that a developer suggests, or who acts for the developer or bank. If so, they deserve what they get.
If you choose not to engage a lawyer, you desrve what you get.
Few hundred Euros saved maybe, but risk much.
People do not like paying for professional advice, they begrudge it.

“If proper regulation was in place the liars, con-men, scum,” – illegal keyholders, illegal taxi drivers, illegal pool maintenance, “call them what you like, would not be able to flourish in the way they do”.

“Any new laws in spain that protect decent people from being robbed by the low life, are very welcome and should have been introduced years ago.”
Agree on new laws that protect decent, INNOCENT, law abiding people, is fine, as long as they accept the laws themselves.
Remember, an illegal taxi driver can cause as much suffering and financial ruing as any “shark” developer.