Reply To: Land Grab – Some news that will affect a lot of people



“all for one and one for all” and as UK and USA adopt and approach “whats yours is mine”

“many people are affected by dodgy developers and agents and don’t do anything as a collective – only as an individual.”
But the human race is not considered to be a pack animal.
When someone goes to an exhibition of properties, irrespective of what advice they have been given by professionals, or the likes of contributors to a forum like this, numerous completely ignor and have tunnel vision, just can’t wait to own. But, when things go wrong, that is when they look for support and where they can lay blame for their own stupidity, rather than accept responsibility.
“I believe if a developer had 200 people outside his office everyday” but how many people can afford to give up their job to carry out such a protest. They stand to loose money and then loose income.
“telling potential clients abut their “customer service” etc, they would take notice. “
Would they, the media is full of such reports, scams, etc., but people are still blind and fall for it.