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Hi goodstich

not sure the new law will help you personally – my point was that people who have been affected and in many cases lost their life savings through land grab, joined together and put pressure on the EU to act – against all their hopes of ever achieving anything they have finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

My point in posting this was to highlight the fact that people power is a very strong thing – even in a monolith like the EU. 20,000 people signed a petition against LRAU. Now I am not saying the same would happen – but my opinion is that if all those affected got together – and even just the amount of people on this forum would make a sizeable amount – then the EU would sit up and listen – but someone has to make a complaint first. The EU will not just act because it appears that things are not quite right.

In the case of LRAU one man, Charles Svodoba, who stands to lose his house through LRAU – decided to take a stand. He rallied round his neighbours and at many times they (his neighbours and friends) lost interest or hope. He didn’t – he was tireless in his approach (a bit like Claire and Barbara) and now after long hard battles he is seeing the fruits of his labour.

It may be too late to save his own house (but maybe not) but he has helped many others avoid the same fate

So the message I am trying to convey (and obviously not successfully because we are talking about Iraq and Korea) was don’t give up hope and become collective in your objectives. The three musketeers used to have a saying “all for one and one for all” and I believe when a lot of people have the same voice things start to happen. What I have seen from this forum is that many people are affected by dodgy developers and agents and don’t do anything as a collective – only as an individual.

I believe if a developer had 200 people outside his office everyday and an agent had protesters outside their offices every day telling potential clients abut their “customer service” etc, they would take notice.

So take hope, get together and fight and make the word known about the people who are affecting your lives. Get the press involved constantly and let others around you know what is happening. Then you will go from mal-aligned to an action group getting results.

Good luck in your fight but perhaps the best idea is to find all the people affected and get together to pressure the developer, the town hall, the lawyers, the agents – and you may see some movement

The difference between knowledge and success is ACTION.

Best wishes