Reply To: Land Grab – Some news that will affect a lot of people




we are not in a ‘land grab’ sitation (as far as we know!) but we do seem to be in a bit a stalemate situation. Our finished apartment is 2 and half years late in build time and the size is 22% smaller than stated in our contract. Despite those facts coming from our lawyer who tells us this is a clear breech of contract on both issues, (and there are more) they say that due to the developer in question, that they are unable to get our large deposit (put down in june 2002) refunded, or the two thirds we still owe, reduced in price in line with the breech of contract?, and thats without even condidering the amount of compensation we should be due, for lost interest, rent, phone bills, time and worry.

We also found out recently that bank guarantees were never issued on this development and after four and a half years it still has no LFO!

So, do you think the new rules will help people like us to get a fair deal, when dealing with dodgy developers/agents and lawyers who can’t/wont get a fair result, and even when it goes to court, cases as clear cut as ours, still sometimes don’t get the obvious justice they deserve?