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To the best of my knowledge nothing has changed since I wrote those instructions back in 2004. I will look into it again, just to be sure. However, it’s obvious that Drakan thinks a passport number is enough to sign deeds before notary, and Drakan does know his onions. But it wouldn’t surprise me one bit of some notaries are starting to insist on NIEs, whilst others are still happy to use a passport number. I think I even remember Heatherpsk (frequent contributor to this forum) saying that they had to get an NIF to buy – the notary they went to up there in Asturias wouldn’t even accept an NIE. So the impression I get is that it does often depend upon the notary. Always important to check with the notary you are going to use several weeks in advance, to avoid nasty surprises.


Mark, you’re information is fine. No need to check anything. Costa Light either didn’t explain himself properly in his first post or I misunderstood his first post. Nothing has changed.