Reply To: Warning – It isnt just CDS effected by Illegal Builds



Many British purchasers are also to blame for what is going on in Spain, they are not all “poor souls”.

I’m sick and tired of explaining to clients not to purchase without a LFO or other basic legal requirements. Even so they insist and insist and keep on insisting that they want to complete despite me highlighting the illegality of some developments.

They will buy knowing very well that they are buying something illegal but they still hope Spain is different and that the laws here are more relaxed and that the Authorities will turn a blind eye on the illegality and after a couple of years their houses will be legalised…Would they behave like this, completely ignoring their UKs solicitor’s advise, buying in England I wonder ?

So it’s not only Estate Agents, developers and lawyers who are to blame here. Many, many, many UK and Irish clients push and push and keep on pushing us to complete despite us telling them not to do so or to wait for the LFO. Regardless of the advise they still go on ahead.

Curiously, in my experience the last person whom clients listen to is their spanish lawyer. Many think they know best … 🙄