Reply To: Ripped off by an Estate Agent



Thanks for all your input. In the last reply you said:

However I would advise anyone looking to buy a property in Spain – never ever give power of attorney to anyone – unless you really cannot make the notary. Then if you have to make sure it is someone YOU can trust – but the advice about independent solicitors springs to mind.

The buyers used the lawyer recommended by the Agent (Album Properties) and worked in Album’s interest. The elderley couple were told they must give POA to the lawyer, Mark Johnson said later it was to save them a journey to the Notary but they actually had to go along to the Notary a couple of days before to sign over the POA to their dodgy lawyer. He also took the whole of the money out of their bank, passing on €25,000 to Albyn before coming to the Notary with the remainder. No doubt he got a cut of that!

I was also interested to hear that 5% is the norm. We did not find any agent charging less than 10%. We lived on the Orihuela Costa, 6 miles south of Torrevieja.

Thanks to all

Linda Wiggin