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Hi Vince,

I know the area in Catral that is affected and I know people that have bought there (not from me) and have big problems. These people have come to exhibitions to speak to a solicitor that comes with us and offers a free legal clinic to get advice. Of those that have come, not one had used a solicitor in the first place and one couple have now had their house demolished.

The solicitor has had long discussions with the council in Elche but to no avail. It makes no difference about “life savings lost…no home….pensioners” etc etc. The council are determined to demolish and restore the area to its previous condition.

The problem with

“The Valencian Government yesterday announced that it was issuing embargo orders on all the bank accounts of all real estate promoters and builders in Catral in order to be able to compensate those people who acquired the 1,200 homes that were illegally built in the municipalit

is that many of these builders were very small and have either made a run for it or have nothing anyway. I know of two builders ( 1 english and 1 dutch) that have been held in custody but are now building in Almeria. I assume they have covered all this with limited companies or wives names etc to escape prosecution or compensation.

I think getting compensation from someone with nothing is going to be hard no matter how hard the council come down on these builders.

Best wishes