Reply To: Warning – It isnt just CDS effected by Illegal Builds



Well I never – this just came through – encouragiong signs indeed for those of you affected by illegal bilds. As I mentioned before estate agents have as much a duty to the client for the final product as the developers do. Looks like now someone is doing somethng about it. Feel sorry for those affected though.

The Valencian Government yesterday announced that it was issuing embargo orders on all the bank accounts of all real estate promoters and builders in Catral in order to be able to compensate those people who acquired the 1,200 homes that were illegally built in the municipality and which led to the Valencian Government removing some powers from the Town Hall earlier this week. In announcing these measures, Esteban Gonzalez Pons, the Conseller for the Territory added that his department was setting up a specials independent investigative body to examine what had happened in Catral. The members of this body are expected to be named following a Valencian Cabinet meeting tomorrow.”