Reply To: Murcia Off Plan Investment


vbtudor, perhaps your comments may tint the rose colour glasses which many seem to wear when thinking of buying abrod, and if it was looked into further, many additional expenses could be incurred, which would drastically affect the “investment.

“20 weeks rental per year for 3 years at an average of 350 per week”
Don’t think that many properties of such value would return 350 per week for 20 weeks (sliding scale should apply)

“Furniture – 4,000”
Surely, if a property were to be rented out 20 weeks each year for 3 years, the furniture could be written off, therefore, a cost of 4,000 + inflation should be added to costs.
The same can be said for decoration, with possibly a touch and repair project for decoration each year.

Cost of TV (many people want the Brit channels)?


General wear and tear repair works?