Fuengi (Andrew)

@charlie wrote:


When I said:
“But when a developer takes your money, then doesn’t provide the goods for whatever reason (in a lot of cases because they didn’t even have the title deeds of the land, or a valid building licence), then it is their actions that have caused the current misery going on today that is affecting so many people”.

I didn’t mean the purchasers’ actions, I meant the developers’….

I meant both 😉

it seems short sighted for the developers to do this, simply because it will come back and bite them on the ass. And I have a feeling people on this site will be cheering.

But I also see it as the purchasers fault. Yes in a few cases people like you have done their homework and have still got burned. And i feel sorry for you (not patronising 😉 just sympathy), but for people that simply trusted the developers, did not do their homework and are now complaining, my first thought is “what? you got burned by X? They were misleading you about guaranteed rental/resale??? surprise, surprise.”

This is not aimed at anyone on this forum, but as i mentioned in a previous post, people got fed bullshit at an exhibition and asked for more!!!
I was 23, had never bought a property in my life, and even i could see it was utter bollocks. Yet these people trusted the slimiest salepeople imaginable (i think we all know the time-share type) and bought based on a drawing or model.