Reply To: Can anyone tell me the process for have a phone line



This is our experience of getting a phone line.

Ordered via the web in June. Said it would be 20 days. Telefonica arrived and some neighbours were connected but sadly we weren’t on the list. When queried they said we had been installed.

Have been fighting ever since. Have now said we will wi-fi from a neighbour so to cancel the service. Telefonica in English are yet to refund us (€94).

Had no help from English speaking Telefonica person who denied T in E were anything to do with them and that Telefonica did not take money up-front. Said we couldn’t have a telephone installed as we were a new urbanisation. As I was just about to say my neighbours had phone lines (she insisted I meant street neighbours, not neigbours right next door) she hung up on me.

Great service.

Thanks for the info on the Ombudsman – will try that if our money is not refunded shortly.