Fuengi (Andrew)

@goodstich44 wrote:


please don’t try and tell me that only 2 people out of every 100 are having buying problems in spain! I would love to see a poll to reflect the real number!

mmmm… no.
you are the one that says alot of people are having problems with with buying in spain. As your the one making the accusation, you’re the one that has to show the statistics proving your point. Burden of proof and all that.

Please look again at what i said. Reading carefully is an asset on these sort of forums.

Even assuming there are 10.000 people that have had problems that is only 2%.

Notice the bolded word?

maybe its only 3000 people maybe its 200.000 over the last 3 years, BUT until someone presents statistics (neutral ones), i’m still believe that the people with problems make up a small fraction of the total.

(Please note aifos skewer the results. 😛 )