Can perfectly understand anyone initially speculating with up to 5000k to “invest” in anything especially property. Anywhere . Some you win some you don’t that’s what speculating is all about.
However I am warning about throwing more pennies into the pot on a “promise ” and using collateral from one’s main residence. This not only increases the risk 100 fold but often the sums just don’t add up.
Like everyone else I would love a gamble to pay off but the chances are they won’t.

Goodstitch44 you are right in your assumptions.
Reading other forums there are many folk with build problems,some of great magnitude some petty , who prefer to take on the attitude “this is Spain” 🙄
Why ? Because others may find out they are victims of either a rogue developer or by their own foolishness.

IF you admit things have gone awry even when others might be inclined to snigger , and do something about it, then not only will you eventually win your battle but hopefully others will be forewarned and forarmed.

However ,Stiff upper lip springs to mind with most Brits