Fuengi (Andrew)

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a tiny fraction of bad experiences?,……… reading through this and other forums, i would think the amount of ‘off plan’ purchases’ on the CDS in particular that are happy are more like a ‘tiny fraction’ I think at best, many people are ‘making the best’ of a poor situation. I just dont read many positive posts about buying ‘off plan’. Even allowing for the fact that some of the happy one’s have no reason to post, i think some would anyway to balance the negative comments.

😆 People are not really known for specifically going on forums to give good news. This or any other site i go to.

And yes it is a tiny fraction (until proven otherwise ofcourse).
As Charlie said:

We definitely number in the thousands. ….and having “some bad experiences” is not quite how we would describe it.

Yet on average 500.000 properties are built yearly. A few thousand people is a small fraction.
Even assuming there are 10.000 people that have had problems that is only 2%.

P.S. I am one of the happy purchasers, although it was not an off-plan.