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Hi Dorothy

Not sure it is 100% correct – my Spanish is fine until it gets to gobbledegook – even my English cannot translate gobbledegook that well. In a nutshell the text below is a rough translation as I understand it.

In a nutshell it is saying that there are 19 licences issued under a PGOU that itself was never approved, that the buildings are already completed and that the likely scenario is demolition – although they are looking for other solutions to the problem — including resubmitting the existing PGOU.

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“The managing commission of the City council of Marbella today approved to procedures to revise 19 Building licences, among them those relative to the Hotel Guadalpín Banús and several real estate promotions that amount to a thousand houses.

Spokesman, Rafael Duarte, indicated that the license granted to the promoter Romed SL for the construction of 460 houses, is the same as those granted to the Apex companies 2000 y Turpiana SA for the construction of 192 and 168 houses, respectively.

Duarte stated that the nineteen licenses were granted according to the (PGOU) of 1998, “which was never approved”, and stated that, except for the file and a detailed study relative to Condeor, the rest have already been built and the buildings now occupied.

He also indicated that, according to the studies made by the technical and legal services of the City council “the anticipated scenario is that those licences are going to be revoked” and explained that the revision process culminates in the Consultative Council of Andalusia, will send a report to determine if these licenses “are contrary to the law”.

In this sense, the spokesman stated that the cancellation of the licenses would imply the existence of irregular buildings already finished and the measures to be applied would be demolition of these buildings, although he emphasized that the objective of the gestora is “to look for a legal path that has us facilitate a new general plan which will follow the route of compensation and other solutions”.

In spite of this, Duarte did not discount the possibility that the buildings will be demolished by virtue of third party interests and stated “there are very serious elements that affect structural aspects of the city that can take such measures”.

The commissioner emphasised that the gestora has initiated the revision of more than 70 building licenses of previous corporations before the existence of “a lucecita” as a warning on the possibility that “they were illegal”.

The Hotel Guadalpín Banús, one of two five star establishments that the Aifos group has in the city is registered on a building license granted in a plot set aside mostly for single family dwellings in which the promoter had already exceeded the allowed building co-efficient.”