Reply To: Contract cancellation.


@Isabella wrote:

My Lawyer states that my porperty completion is when the Architect signs it off as finished regardless of the fact that there are a number of issues with the build and there is no LFO. Can this be right ?
There is no Bank Guarantee as I have just found out that it was written in contract that puchasers should pay to put this in place themsleves even thought the REA said they had the legal checks done and all was o.k. to sign!

Isabella –

First, read again my comments above re. your legal right to a free Bank Guarantee. That is your position in this purchase.

Secondly, as this lawyer you now have has given you ‘incorrect legal advice’ (I would like to describe this differently…..), and seems to have no interest in obtaining a Bank Guarantee for you – get a new one.
He is obviously rubbish.

Just what is his problem?? He is either working for you or not.
You don’t have a Bank Guarantee? Tell him to act for you as your lawyer, get off his backside and advise the developer that by law they must issue you one – now.
He may not be responsible for you not having one in the first place, but for goodness sake, it is part of his job now.

Just based on his c**p so-called legal advice of telling you the property is ready to complete on once the architect has signed it off, get yourself a new lawyer who knows what the heck he is talking about.
Get your file from him, and tell him you refuse to pay him anything due to the wrong legal advice he has told you – if he gives you a hard time over this, tell him if he refuses to give it to you, you will put in a report to the Colegio of Abogados listing all his misguided legal advice.