Reply To: Some UK REA’s as much to blame for deceit?


Charlie, you were thinking on the same line as myself when you found the old Yorkshire Post article. All of the newspapers then were running little more than advertisement articles on the theme of making around 30% profit in a year (and some are still writing glowing reports about other countries) Remember all the hype about Dubai, lots been burnt there).
These very same newspapers are now talking the market down. I would also put todays article in these catogories (sorry Mark)

Just one point in the todays Times “An attractive villa in Mijas at 450,000” Hello? Has this person got a dose of the sun? Someone stated a few days ago that the only (habitable) villa they could find below 600,000 euros refused their offer of 550,000 and they were looking in that area.

The only property anyone will find reduced by 30% is the ones priced similar to MFI stores that advertise big reductions i.e. It never actually was that price anyway.