Reply To: Spanish Lawyers



this is just so……….words fail me here. We all know there are bad people in every proffesion, but for one of the good one’s like Drakan to say in as many words, that the spanish system is so useless, that people cannot go to anyone for help when they have clearly been swindled by the very person we have to put our trust in, a so called lawyer.

It just makes me realise what a huge risk it is buying in spain. In my opinion it shows once again why there are so many crooks operating in spain, why wouldn’t they if the law won’t protect anyone that falls foul of them?

What on earth is the point of having a legal profession that has no effective regulation to keep in check or make it answerable to bad deeds?, it sounds like, if you get a good lawyer in spain, think yourself very lucky, because there is bugger all you can do about if you dont?

Just appalling.