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i agree, and sadly i am one of those people. I have always done as much homework as possible when it comes to spending large amounts of money, and even more so on an a product i’m not an expert on. We knew that our decision to buy off-plan on CDS was a gamble, due to the flucuation in prices/supply and demand etc, but at some point we have to trust someone if we are not proffesional builders/lawyers/agents or bilingual. It’s when that trust is abused that makes our situation out of our hands, and agents are the first people we put some trust in. For instance, if you walk in to a bank and deposit a large sum of money, you have to trust that the person taking it would not just give you a receipt and run out of the back door, and then when you complain to the bank they say ‘sorry’ it is against the law, but tough, take us to court and it will probably cost you a small fortune to get it back, if ever!!!!!