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Hi Paul.

I didn’t say it was an issue, the point i was making was whether i or anyone else posts the company name on the forum makes no difference in my opinion.

I don’t think that posting commercially here would make much headway that’s not what i am about, or why i am here. Just didn’t want to be the one to post the information that was all, i wasn’t asking you or Claire to post it either, just my sense of humour.

As for your questions……

For instance, I answer in my honest opinion, or what i believe to be the case based on what i have witnessed. If this is read as a positive response, or deemed bigging up the company in any way, then i am going to get immediately shot down?

What i can say is this, i have been employed with the same company since moving here, first job in Spain, first interview and i enjoy it. Yes there have been comings and goings in that time, a couple of staff that are missed and alternatively some that are not.

I wouldn’t say that this is unusual in the line of business we are in here. What you have to look at is the good ones stay if looked after, i can honestly say that i have been, and love the job i do. With length of service comes experience and that is what is needed, problems occur when clients are handled by someone out to make a quick buck to pay the way for the Summer. The experiences of yourself, Claire and others are regrettable, but as in any business, mistakes happen. I am not condoning/justifying this, just stating my opinion so please don’t take it the wrong way, couldn’t think of a better way to put this across, it’s 01:00 and my eyes a slighty a blur after a long day.

We always advise the client to use an independant lawyer, this doesn’t only apply for Spain, but other countries also. If the client wishes to use the services of a lawyer we recommend, then that is their decision. If the client wishes to appoint an independant lawyer of their choosing, then again, that is their decision. On exhibitions, or when a client is in the office, we have a number of lawyers that we can call on. This is for the client to seek free legal advice on the day, but doesn’t mean that they are tied to use their services in any way.