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Well Katy – well done.
You have just summed up why I no longer bother to offer “advice”/”criticism”/”a point of view” etc. to this forum.

Ive got to agree with you Stewlanz. When I first joined the forum I thought i could make some useful contributions without any commercial interest. I do still answer a few questions, but now I look at some of the posted questions and dont bother to post a answer because I know the the usual suspects will try and discredit it because I am an agent.

Maybe I shouldnt have put in my profile I was an agent or maybe I should have hidden my real name B Lawes. But I didnt, and now I know that being an agent on this forum is about as popular as a rattlesnake in a lucky dip.

After reading some of the posts you would think that it is impossible to buy a problem free property in Spain. It is possible and has been for many years, but mention this when being an agent and you can be sure to get shot down in flames.

Its never mentioned as far as I can see, but some of the problems people have suffered has been by their own incompetance and greed. We shouldnt forget that not every estate agent, lawyer, developer etc etc is a compulsive liar who only thinks of the money, but sadly this is the way this forum is beginning to go.

Kind regards