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I am in agreement with Jim here, commercial posting etc. Mark should decide where this leads i feel.

As for my identity, i think most on this forum know who i work for, and even if i did post the name here, i don’t feel it would benefit anyway when you look back at the heated discussions in the past 😉

I won’t post the details myself, but if Paul or Claire wouldn’t mind revealling this information, that would be “Awfully” kind.

I don’t agree with PM’ing Mark with sensitive info. Surely that takes away the whole idea of the forum.

Whichever way you look at this, what i can see happening is we will get slated for rubbishing the competition, even though potentially acting in everyones interests?

For instance, if a situation arises where you have information you feel should be made public, which you could potentially lose your job over, why not register under a different username and post then?

You could go another route with a seperate thread on the forum where usernames are not visible, but this may also get abused.

Personally, I don’t see an easy solution to a good suggestion.

Richard by the way.