Reply To: 3000 reserve


Hi Jackie

it seems then that you have almost everything you need – except the small matter of a 3,000 euro deposit. Thedifference between the 3,000 and 6,000 deposit is generally down to the agent. This is nothing more than a reservation deposit to take the property off the market and is to ive the owner time to do searches. There is usually a time of 14 days unless otherwise agreed.

I suggest you speak to the agent yourself and find outr why he hasnt given you the deposit yet. There may be a valid reason, but he should specifiy this to you. Dont accept the line “It is how we do things here”

I would speak to your agent about getting the deposit. However you also need to insisit on a timescale – whether it be a month or 6 motnhs – but insist on a timescale – it is highly unuasual not to have a definitive date.

Best wishes and good luck