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To Smithches

In answer to your comments – I have never denied being an agent since I was, however as this IS my property I dont see what difference it makes what job I do. The other agents that have it on locally happen to be friends of mine and whilst yes they receive a commission this is between 3,000 and 6,000 Euros including IVA (ie a little room for negotiation but not much (it reperesents about 2% of the sale price hardly a huge drop). There are others who have it for more (from 259,000 to 299,000) and there are others for sale in the same building for more.

But whether I am an agent or not – if someone drops me an email out of the blue asking about any house then unless you are over here viewing and making a serious offer then any negotiation is an academic excercise.

As I paid 210,000 for it plus taxes of around 19,000, plus spent a further 10,000 doing conversions and a further 10,000 or so on furniture – this is I believe not a bad price and yes even at this price will be taking a loss – but I figured that if I could sell it quickly it may be worth while. But I am not a desperate seller so dont need to negotiate and in fact since finding out from the town architect that they are planning a commercial centre and a national park in the next two years perhaps it is now worth while renting out again and holding on. But that is my choice.

There is nothing in the same area (Rabdells) for this price – except sorry a couple of 2 bed apartments in the building behind which are 60M Sq (compared to 135M) for 230,000

If this is a crime then so be it I am a criminal. But I dont see why it should be such a major deal if I want to get the best price from it. I told you exactly what I paid for it, I told you exactly what I spent on it, and I even told you what the property rented for (and this is backed up by invoices from the rental agencies) for last year. So where is the lack of transparency

As for finding out that I was an agent – did the email address not giveyou some clue – and had you checked the website you would have seen – an estate agents website. Also I have posted many times on here and Clearly stated that I am an agent – where is the lack of transparency? Sorry Tom – I dont mind accepting criticism when it is due but in this case I think you are wrong.

One final point – as an agent we get the buyer and seller to sign the contract between each other which (in accordance to the law as far as I am aware) itemises the price to be paid, the commission that will go to us, the IVA and the amount to the owner. As we ask the buyer to raise the cheque it is difficult not to be transparent in our dealings.

I hope you find what you are looking for and I hope you find somewhere in your price range for what you want