Reply To: Land Grab


Hi Jill

there is one very simple way to avoid land grab in every instance – do not buy Suelo Rustico – EVER! Only this classification of land can be grabbed.

As Miguel pointed out there is now a new law called LUV which is almost the same as LRAU except it is twice as large a document. There are some safeguards but it still falls way short of European Law and directives.

However consider this. Most proeprties on Suelo Rustico in the Valencia Region are oevr priced. The cost for the land is in the regionof 4 – 10 Euros per metre if it is productive land (ie you have Water to it) andif arable land (no water) then it is upto a euro.

You should check the escritura. (If the owner doesnt have a copy then take a note of the following

Tomo, Libro, Folio and finca registration)

Go to the cadastral or town hall and ask for a copia simple. (Costs 6 Euros or thereabouts.)

have a look at what it says. If it says suelo rustico – say goodbye, Also check to make sure that there is a house registered – this also makes a difference because under the current law if the house is not registered or is registered as a casita then you will have difficulty convincing the town hall to save your house from demolition. If it is registered you maybe n with a slim chance but will still lose land and pay fees if they urbanise

Some things to be aware of.

The new golf law gives the conselleria permission to over turn town hall ruling on golf courses (the Spanish Government want lots of them)

In Valencia there are some 91 golf courses in the conselleria for consideration

It used to be the costas that fell foul of this law – but now it is inland as land down here is running out.

For your own safety dont even consider land which is suelo rustico. But if you do then make sure that there is more than enough land that you can lose at least 70% of it and have enough left to keep your house – depends on the urbanisation but allow for at least 1000M to be safe – which means about 3500M in reality.

I have written an article last year for a local newspaper the Inland trader, Escape Artist and offshore magazine regarding LRAU – the principle is the same under LUV. so if you want to know more then drop me a line and I will send over a copy.
One final point make sure you get sound legal advice from an independent and preferably out of area solicitor.

Best wishes