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Fuengi (Andrew)

@Iain wrote:

So I was really quite disappointed to read Fuengi’s lengthy post above, just picking apart the break-up of that agents’ Network and really not making any comment about how it might affect the people who are surely the most important in the real estate market – US, their clients, the buyers and sellers.

Hi Iain, I fell quite privileged that after you have been reading this site for so long, that your first post is aimed at me.
Of course we are the most important part of the market, we are the people that generate the revenue for these companies!
Oh, and a lot of us have at one time or another had our property on the agents network. A lot do at the moment. What happens to their properties?

@Iain wrote:

So much sarcasm too. I take it that Fuengi is an agent with an axe to grind, given the information they have.

By that same logic, so are the posters “katy” & “dodgson”, as they appeared to be the first people to know about the commission change. Information is surprisingly easy to get your hands on. All this information came through a few friends that work/ed for viva.

@Iain wrote:

Methinks s/he protesteth too much. IMO this thread was doing a great job to show the benefits to the general public of the lowering of commissions and therefore sale prices. VE’s boss came on here and faced the barrage of criticism and answered all the questions put to him. We all knew who Chris was when he came on here, not hiding behind any nickname. Who are you, Fuengi? Are you an agent? There must be something personal behind these bitter and angry responses you have made on here.

First of, as I understand it, this forum is not an advertising site for real estate agents.
Second a poster with the name Chris McCarthy wrote on this site. We have no proof that it was him or a PR person, or even myself with a different login.
Thirdly, who I am is of no importance. I’m a homeowner in spain, in Fuengirola. I don’t work for an estate agent. I bought through an ex in-member though. If you want I can supply a name, but how would you know if it was mine? Want an N.I.E. number as well?
Fourthly, bitter and angry? How so?
Oh, and something that might be of useful for you to know:

fo•rum (fôr m, f r -) Pronunciation Key
n. pl. fo•rums, also fo•ra (fôr , f r )
a. A public meeting place for open discussion.
b. A medium of open discussion or voicing of ideas, such as a newspaper or a radio or television program.
2. A public meeting or presentation involving a discussion usually among experts and often including audience participation.

Sorry that I don’t simply bend over when Real estate owner comes onto this site deigns to talk to us. I do not criticize, I simply want clear answers and not a well rehearsed PR campaign. Now we just need M** and one or 2 others to come on this site 8)
I also feel that I had some valid points no?
Hell I hope Chris comes back and answers my post. It can only be a positive don’t you think?

@Iain wrote:

If these smaller agents have lost their big partner, then they need to move on and adapt in a changing marketplace. What’s wrong with change if it stimulates the market? VE have done what they have done. Shouldn’t it all just be about buyers and sellers getting a better deal? If the market picks up, sellers will benefit. If prices fall then buyers benefit. Is this not a win-win situation?? From my own point of view, I see myself as a winner out of it as I am seeing the prices of property reducing before my very eyes.

Have they lost their “big partner”? From what I’ve been hearing viva, or at least the sales people, are still trying to sell other agents properties for the higher commissions. Although this might only be in that office.
How, where are you suddenly seeing prices drop?
On average properties on the Costa are supposedly 30% over priced. Yes a drop in commission is a good thing. I means less added onto the property, etc… But maybe, just maybe people have to actually drop their prices or improve the quality of their residence.