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On a similar vein to land grab, this is yet another worrying problem that seems to be surfacing, I recently saw this posted on another forum:


Over fifty residents from the communities of Estepona Golf demonstrated outside Estepona Town Hall on Tuesday morning, 1st August. They were desperate for the Mayor to hear their grievances against the landowner of Estepona Golf, Mr Rory Leader and the Developers who have put extortionate infrastructure charges on their homes. Both Presidents of the communities Don Manuel Sánchez Rodriguez and Don Alfonso Gonzalez Careaga-Benito.gave interviews to the television cameras and local press before handing in a Petition into the Mayor’s Office.

Residents from as far as Nerja, San Roque and Puerto Romano, who face the same life changing costs, attended the rally. Mr Alec Maguire gave a rousing speech thanking them for coming and stated “United We Stand Divided We Fall”. Everyone cheered and then marched through the streets of Estepona with their placards


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Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2006 5:49 pm Post subject: Extortionate Infrastructure Costs at Estepona Golf, Estepona

The problem is any undeveloped land near your property, so if you live in a rural home the chances are it could happen to you. The developers set up a commitee called a Junta de la Compensacion, I think that translates to *beep* Turpin Fan Club, then they put a charge on the deeds of your property. I believe mine is €28,500 to pay for their roads, lights, drains and anything else they might require on their new developments. At Estepona Golf we have all infrastructure in place and we are two registered communities. This is happening at Nerja, Puerto Romano and now I’ve just heard San Roque. IT MUST BE STOPPED.

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Looks like we still have to be SOOOOOOOO careful when making semi/rural purchases.

Hi Flynn, does this mean that if you buy an individual house in a rural area and are not part of a community as such, you could still be liable for payments on a new community being built near by? 🙄 Bopsy