Reply To: Maximum mortgage & interest only?


Hi Lenny & Chilly

We have found that things vary from bank to bank, and that whilst they obviously charge for their services Mortgage Brokers can sometimes get incredible deals. Without doubt if its a striaghtforward no more than 70% of purchase price morgage required go direct to the banks but tout your business around as they are all keen for it.

Some banks offer 70% of purchase price, some 80-85%, some will lend 70-80% loan to value (using this example they will normally ask for expirion credit report) and as I say some brokers can do even better one is offering 100% even for non nationals up to a max of (I think the figure was) 240,000 euros. Just remember that the more you borrow relative to purchase price the tougher the controls get, also bear in mind interest rates are on a bit of an upward trend so dont overstretch, dont want to loose that Spanish dream becuase you cant keep up the payments.