Reply To: Return of Deposit


Hello Drakan I’m glad to hear from you as I have read many of your replies on this forum.

The purchase price was 237 500 Euros and the Deposit 30% of that. The BG’s are in place. The wording for the delivery date is
… is to be handed 31 December 2005, unless force majeure prvents it or delays suffered by the building firm or strikes affecting the building sector arise.
The property is in Manilva
I have also just noticed that the document also states that …. changes which are deemed necessary or convenient by the Architect managing the building works may be made, provided they do not affect in a direct and essential manner the property and the building features are neither altered nor imply a quality decrease.

I think they have all angles covered, don’t you? I suppose this means that they can alter the plans so that we share a swimming pool with the block beside us.
I am still at the stage of assessing whether to cancel the contract or go forward to completion, I really don’t want to go the legal route to get the contract cancelled and it cost mega bucks or indeed I lose anyway.