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Bopsy, until you have an interest in a property in Spain then you wouldn’t to see or ask the mundane questions on “settling in” forum , but if you did then hopefully someone would be able to answer or direct you to a site that can. But possibly you would hope to see pertinant postings re utlities tax , health issues etc…. so let’s bin the bread and put the gin back in the bottle !!!!!

It may appear I am backtracking,but I am not.

I first joined this site before the awful saga’s of CDS was posted. Since then both this fantastic site and CDS problems have gathered momentum and has been highlighted in national press worldwide.

In my opinion replies sometimes reflect , understandably so, the unhappiness,frustration and anguish of those whose dreams have temporarily soured and impression is that CDS is Spain ALL Lawyers,except those recommended on list are crooks and ALL REA’s should be locked up.
If I had gone through some of these problems I would be far from happy myself at least until situation resolved and maybe infintum nevertherless.

Truth is if I were to be looking to relocate to Spain now, I would most certainly feel I was entering an “abandon all hope “mission reading the postings.
It’s not that the advice and info is anything but excellant but rather,as I personally read it, stated in a doom and gloom “DON’T” rather than “It is advisible” mode
A simple refrasing of a sentence and the comment is not so negative, albeit the correct one, but human nature being what it is so often posters are seeking what they want to hear not the sound logical advice and will ,and do, post same question on muliple forums in their quest.

However it is not up to me, or anyone ,to tell another what or how to write anything on an ” GENERAL forum ” and by the same token I trust ,we may agree to disagree, that all are allowed to have an opinion on what we are reading and discuss like the adults we are whose ONLY purpose here is to attempt to assist and redirect people with concerns…be they grave or otherwise.

Laws are interperated and acted upon differently according to the location in Spain and how Valencia and CDS use the law can be different to Murcia ,Almeria et al. and ,where pertinant , maybe this should be reflected in the advice.

Of for a very late breakfast now.
Cheers l