Reply To: Key Property services illegaly witholding my deposit?


Hi Bernard –

I am sorry I have to disagree with you. Whether K tell the credit card company that this is for fees or not the onus is on them to prove it to the credit card company not the other way round. They wont accept anything verbal

Unless they can produce something signed to say otherwise they dont have a leg to stand on. The fact they may have come across this before is irrelevant – perhaps most people just never think about claiming back from their credit card company but that doesnt mean they dont have that right, it is written into their contracts with their credit card company and is part of consumer law in Europe which is designed to protect us from such sharp practices.

Credit card companies will come down hard on such practices and potentially they could lose their ability to accept credit cards for deposits (unlikely after one complaint but if more people complain about it then they will).

Apart from anything else what has Foxy got to lose by complaining – absolutely nothing and everything to gain.

Go for it Foxy and dont let them get away with it.