Reply To: Estate Agents Fees


“I think it’s about time that the agents agreed to a lesser commission. In what other profession would you stand to make 10% of the price of someones property for bringing a buyer to them. And when it can take years to amass some equity why would we want to give 10% of that away to some people who were potentially a butcher yesterday and an Estate Agent today (no offense to butchers).I know of brain surgeons with years in University and medical school who earn less than that!!
I think that 2%-3% is much fairer and it’s precisely because people are earning more and more money at a completely unjustifiable and often quite unbelievable rate that we are all having to pay so much more for everything. You can’t get decent trades people easily anymore because everybody wants to be an estate agent and at 50,000 euros a pop for some properties who can blame them!! “

I wouldn’t think that everyone wants to be a real estate agent. Anyone who works in the profession knows that it is hard work, the days of someone rolling in off the street with a wad of money in their hands ready to buy are well gone.
I know plenty of REA’s who work hard and earn just enough to keep going
Tis very very very very few people who make “€50,000 a pop” just like that![/b]