Reply To: Key Property services illegaly witholding my deposit?


Hi Foxy

it is very simple. You paid by credit card – tell your credit card company that the payment is being withheld against your wishes, that you paid in good faith but now the company wont return your money.

They MUST return your money (Under European Consumer law) unless the agent can prove that it was paid with a contract stating non return. As this is not the case then they have a legal obligation to re credit your card with the amount and there is nothing the agent can do.

I once had a renter pay by credit card stayed for the week and then told his credit card company that he wasnt happy )even thugh he left feedback saying what a fantastic holiday he had) the credit ccard company returned her the money. I was fortunate enough to have copies of all correespondence and was able to prove that she had stayed and even sgned to say she had enjoyed it – so they returned me the money – but I had to do the proving not the client (and rightly so)

If it is a Spanish Credit card I am not sure how that works because it is different over here but as far as I am aware they have the same obligation.

So a tip to all those of you who are going to pay a deposit, pay by credit card because the law is on your side