Reply To: Property Tax


Hi Steve

Further to Hillbilly’s comments, IBI is not included usually when agents list the community charges. As HillBilly said these can vary substantially between even neighbours.

When you sell a house the price declared is the price that is used to calculate the IBI. My own IBI for a 3 bed 2 bath apartment 200M from the beach is 104 per year and the bassura is 75 euros per year.

However my neighbours – who own a bar and restaurant with 10 letting rooms pay about half of what I do – but they have been in there since the building was built (40 years ago)

My parents who own a large villa in the same area pay 250 per year, and my sister pays 125 for a penthouse suite built 5 years ago.

One other factor that affects the rating is what they consider the level of dwelling. My own one when I bought it was classed as a 7 which is almost a ruin (9is a ruin) and 1 being luxurious. Since doing the renovations this is being reclassified as a 5 – normal dwelling but old building.

They have recently and very unusually had a revaluation of the Cadastral value and have basically been visiting lots of local towns and re evaluating the values. This is part of a drive by either Central Government or prbably the Valencian Autonomy, to raise more money as they are going to lose 90% of their grants this year – they have to get ti somehow and just liek in th eUK it is going to be the property owner who collars it.

– so I expect my IBI bill will rise – but I am sure it wont be on a par with UK.

Good luck