Reply To: Estate Agents Fees


This message is to Spain – but also to any other sales peopel who are reaidng this excellent posting.

As an agent who has employed people myself on a similar basis – ie a fixed amount plus commission – the majority of people here in Spain are not willing to work for their money – they accept it as a God given right that someone owes them a living.

I see no problem in a company minimising their initial risk by offering a sliding scale and proving you are worth paying you a fixed basic of 3,000 euros per month – plus a car. by seeing if you can actually do the job before theypay you the higher rate.

If you worked in sales in the UK and didnt sell after a trial period they would get rid of you. Period. And Sales is about the only jpb in the UK where you can fire someone without too many recriminations – because your pay os performance based. If you are a genuine sales person (and to me a sales person is someone who listens more than he talsk and gives clients what they want not what he or she wants) then you will prove yourself very quickly.

If not the door is there – please close it before you leave. The time share salesman of old I personally believe is on his/her way out because clients are very aware of pressure selling and generally will bto accept it. Most British hate being sold to = but are more thanhappy to listen to someone offering genuine advice and help and will willingly come to you time and again.

So the point really is whether their package is not as easy to get as first seems is really nothing to do with this forum, it is between VE and the potential salesperson to decide if it is mutually beneficial – of so then the sales person accepts the role – if not he/she works for another company.

Well done to Chris for attempting to change the market, for being refreshngly honest and for offering people a genuine opportunity to further their career in a tarnished industry