Reply To: Estate Agents Fees

Chris M

Hi all,

I think it is probably about time I left the forum, I think I have answered pretty much every question that has come up and didn’t want to leave anyone without a response, and hopefully if questions come up in the future you can do me a favour and refer them back to my responses from last Monday 11th August onward, but nobody wants me around here much longer I don’t think.

I had a lot of advice before entering the forum, all of it said NO DON’T GO THERE! Yet I came on here, because it was from being on here many months ago, that I got a real sense of what our vendors and buyers must think of us. And because of this we set about changing our entire business model.

So, why would I not come on here to talk about it?

Frankly, I was a bit worried, and I took some deserved flak early on for being a bit enigmatic perhaps and possibly patronising, but I was rightly put straight on that score.

But the advice I received was wrong, I hope that I have not been here to promote or even mention (save perhaps once) our company name or business, I just wanted to answer any rumour with a straightfoward answer (forgive me for the rather long one occasionally) in as clear and concise a manner as possible.

You all gave me that opportunity, but if I stay longer, then firstly; I would end up being guilty of using the forum to promote our business and secondly; not only would I be repeating myself but you would probably question whether I had time to run the company.

So, thank you very much for all the questions, they were excellent, insightful and actually very helpful to myself going forward. Sorry for this speech at the end also, but I thought it would be rude not to effectively say goodbye!

If anyone such as Katy, Banushouse or Barbara or anyone else who might need me to do something on their behalf in the future, would like to e-mail me privately I will certainly respond and do whatever I can.

I shall watch the forum in future with continued interest, and if ever I am in Cadiz I will certainly look to buy James a Cruz Campo.

Thanks again, for all your lively debate and the rather hot; but entirely fair grilling at times.