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Hi Chris

Again, your reply most appreciated and am heartened to know that you aim to be ‘more watchful’ re. problem-developments in the future. There are many! Bit late for most of us, but certainly a ‘..great step for mankind’.

Re. lawyers – yes, of course there are good lawyers on the CDS, the problem for many of us is finding them.
There are pages and pages on this forum of stories where people’s lawyers did not ‘act in their client’s best interest’ –

e.g. allowed them to sign contract full of illegal clauses, contracts totally biased towards the developer, did not obtain a Bank Guarantee, ill-advising to complete without a Licence of First Occupation, overcharging on things like enforcing a Bank Guarantee, not informing clients of changes to development, not answering e-mails/tel. calls when problems arose etc. (Our original lawyer hit 6 of the above !).

There is one particular lawyer who seems to specialise in never obtaining Bank Guarantees for their clients. Then when asked (several years down the line) to obtain one by the purchaser who has finally wisened-up, they say it will probably ‘be a fight in court’ and quotes 6000 euros to do this!
What happened to: a BG is your legal right, at no cost to the purchaser? And for a lawyer not to obtain one is nothing other than derelict of duty.

We even have now a ‘Rogues Gallery’ list of these lawyers. And Mark, the Administrator of this forum, conversely has a ‘Recommended Lawyer’ list. Believe me, both these lists have been created for a reason….

On our development alone, I know of 14 purchasers who changed lawyers
because of some or all of the above. And they are just the ones we know about.

There is a famous agent talked about a lot on this forum, whose ‘recommended lawyers’ charged all fees upfront.
They subsequently did nothing more than arrange the signing of the contract, as the development never got built!
They then ‘disappeared’, only to re-appear with a new name/nameplate outside their door.
E-mails and faxes to the director of this law firm for some kind of part- refund re. the 7000 euros paid upfront (for basically doing nothing more than signing the contract) are currently being totally ignored.

Trust me on this one Chris – the agent/developer/lawyer ‘triangle’ is famous on this site.
By the way, please do not think I am in any way insinuating your company is involved in this.

There is nothing to answer re. this post – just writing ‘for your information’.
(bit like a freebie….. 😉 )