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Hi Chris – I have to say I admire the way you have stuck with us and ‘batted’ every question thrown at you. I know everyone has learnt a lot re. your company’s position now and a lot of rumours have been laid to rest.
Even you have learnt something – compared to your first posting I now understand everything you write đŸ˜‰

You have mentioned your new ‘company model’ several times.
May I ask if this new model of yours will include keeping your ear closer to the ground re. marketing developments that are in an ‘illegal’ situation, waiting court decisions etc.?……from now on?

I appreciate the subject of this thread is agents’ fees.
But the continued selling of ‘dodgy’ developments by REA’s – where for example the legality of building licences are in question – is the cause of untold misery and stress, and even financial ruin for some.
As people who regularly read this forum know, one poor English lady caught up in one of the developments by Aifos had a nervous breakdown and ended up committing suicide.

Yes, of course it should be our lawyers who look into the legality of a development before allowing a client to sign, but not all do. And as a lot of us know through bitter experience – there are lawyers who are actually ‘in bed’ with these developers.

You wrote in your last answer to me
I would imagine they (the developers) themselves are mortified at the mess that has ensued and I have real difficulty believing they would have anticipated any of these problems.

Am afraid Chris, when a developer applies for a building licence knowing it is for an area that goes against the Junta’s PGOU plan, (the original building licence was for 12 individual houses, not 12 blocks of apartments and they knew that very well) they may well be ‘mortified’ at the mess they are now in, but in no way could they have not ‘anticipated’ that one day, the doo-doos could/would/may possibly hit the proverbial fan.

Surely there has to be some responsibility shouldered by agents when they market something, whatever the product.
If I set up an agency selling/advertising dodgy gas cookers and one day inevitably one blew up in someone’s face, surely I would in part be responsible?

As there are dozens and dozens of readers of this forum in the same position as I found myself in with Green Hills, just interested to know your position on this point, and whether it will be considered in your new business model.