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Chris M

@charlie wrote:

Hi Chris

I’m afraid I’ve been smiling throughout this thread re. your company and it’s….sshh…secrets.

First, your company asked that your change in fees be kept confidential, so everyone like Katy is trying to respect that by not mentioning your company.

Then you come on with comments like:
…It seems a number of assumptions have previously been made….
…Or would you rather continue blogging, without the facts?….
….I am concerned that as yet, nobody on the blog has the correct information, seems like the rumour mill has naturally been working overtime…..

Your company started all the ‘assumptions’ and ‘rumours’ by trying to keep who you are hush-hush. For your clients to be told information about your new fee structure, and then to be told “….but keep it confidential” reminds me of my school days.

In my opinion your two posts are pathetic, and typical of the ‘cocky’ and ‘smug’ attitude of agents I’ve experienced on the CDS.

Why not, in the first place, just come on this forum – leave out your little dialogues (which are patronising to say the least) and just lay your fee structure out on a plate for everyone to see.

Will do wonders for ‘assumptions’ and ‘rumours’. 😉


Hi Barbara,

By the fact that you have been smiling throughout my thread, I suppose I must take it that you believe me to be duplicitous, have a hidden agenda or some other secret goal.

I would ask that you try to be fair here, I have willingly come on to the site, as I understand that we are the agent that is being debated and our move toward a 2% commission rate has engendered this discussion.

Firstly, there have been no …sshh… secrets, I believe that was a misconception, and there has been nothing confidential. How could we go and list a property at 2% and ask that this be kept confidential? Indeed we would like to hope that we may get referral business from our 2% sales commission rate.

What we did do however, was trial the notion of 2% with a limited number of Vendor appointments over an initial period, we made a real and genuine commitment to list those properties at 2%, and in the process tried to understand and ascertain, what did and did not work for our Vendors within our presentation of that 2% plus conveyancing at 1%.

I think it reasonable that we approached 25 vendors firstly and then a subsequent 125 vendors before taking the decision to radically change our business model, but perhaps you think differently.

I would also ask you to keep an open mind here, we have not tried to keep who we are “hush hush” and we certainly did not start all the “assumptions and rumours” we simply went out and listed a number of properties at a new rate, and the rumours went along the Costa del Sol and evidently beyond, at an alarming speed.

This is the truth of the matter, to call me smug, cocky, pathetic and patronising to say the least, is I feel somewhat harsh.

I am attempting to, as you say “lay out on a plate” our position, as it was in some significant measure developed from my having spent a considerable time going through all the Spanish Property Insight forums, over several days a number of months ago.

I think the forum is excellent, I think the views are in the main very valid, and I believe started us on the road of looking to see if we could change our own business model, this we are doing, and this we have confirmed in a mail to all our own staff today.

Our decision for your further information; was reached in full consultation with our entire staff, over the whole of last week, as it affects some 250 people who work with our company. I don’t think you would expect any less of the company and I rather think that from concept to delivery in approx 3 weeks, is something of note, yet also explains why so much comment was made before we were ready to make this official.

I think it natural that some misconceptions or rumours were to abound, I am only here to put them either into perspective or give the correct detail as pertains the rates etc, I leave the rest to you.

Again, if you want to shoot us down in flames before we have a chance to take part in the debate, then I suppose that is the world of the blog and I have to live with it.