Reply To: Estate Agents Fees


Hi Chris

I’m afraid I’ve been smiling throughout this thread re. your company and it’s….sshh…secrets.

First, your company asked that your change in fees be kept confidential, so everyone like Katy is trying to respect that by not mentioning your company.

Then you come on with comments like:
…It seems a number of assumptions have previously been made….
…Or would you rather continue blogging, without the facts?….
….I am concerned that as yet, nobody on the blog has the correct information, seems like the rumour mill has naturally been working overtime…..

Your company started all the ‘assumptions’ and ‘rumours’ by trying to keep who you are hush-hush. For your clients to be told information about your new fee structure, and then to be told “….but keep it confidential” reminds me of my school days.

In my opinion your two posts are pathetic, and typical of the ‘cocky’ and ‘smug’ attitude of agents I’ve experienced on the CDS.

Why not, in the first place, just come on this forum – leave out your little dialogues (which are patronising to say the least) and just lay your fee structure out on a plate for everyone to see.

Will do wonders for ‘assumptions’ and ‘rumours’. 😉