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Chris M

@charlie wrote:

Hi Chris –
You wrote in your last answer to me
I would imagine they (the developers) themselves are mortified at the mess that has ensued and I have real difficulty believing they would have anticipated any of these problems.

Am afraid Chris, when a developer applies for a building licence knowing it is for an area that goes against the Junta’s PGOU plan, (the original building licence was for 12 individual houses, not 12 blocks of apartments and they knew that very well) they may well be ‘mortified’ at the mess they are now in, but in no way could they have not ‘anticipated’ that one day, the doo-doos could/would/may possibly hit the proverbial fan.

Surely there has to be some responsibility shouldered by agents when they market something, whatever the product.
If I set up an agency selling/advertising dodgy gas cookers and one day inevitably one blew up in someone’s face, surely I would in part be responsible?

As there are dozens and dozens of readers of this forum in the same position as I found myself in with Green Hills, just interested to know your position on this point, and whether it will be considered in your new business model.


Hi Barbara,

I hope I have covered most of this in my last two posts.

And absolutely we will consider this very carefully going forward in our business model; our actual future depends upon it.

And again, where responsible I will hopefully have the gumption to admit it.

I think we have a history of having done so, and I think we might be fairly unique in having personally compensated clients financially in the past.

If you and the other readers would like access to expand on your views and problems in our publication HOT Properties, perhaps it is about time we went to bat publicly and in print on your behalf and we may well be prepared to do so.

You can let us know that answer to that notion on our company mail / website.