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how about parents taking responsibility for their children!

We are of topic again but, and while I agree about the fencing maybe being an additional burden, sadly many parents do not take their responsibilities seriously. An example from our community last year was a child jumping off a high water fall in to a pool. After being told nicely by an owner not to do this for his own safety, and for the safety of the owners own younger children in the pool, he ignored the request. In addition the child’s grandfather after confronting the owner with a stream of abuse, proceeded to climb the waterfall and jump in himself, to confirm that this behavior is acceptable. We now call the police if this type of thing happens. Children of all ages are left to ‘play’ around the pools without supervison and I do wonder if a fence of any discription will stop this happening.

I do recall a news story not so long ago about a child who let himself out of his parents apartment, while they where sleeping, and was found latter dead in a pool. For this reason I can see a some point to a fence, again dependant on the childs age and his/her ability to open a gate.

just my 2p