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I did find a web site a year ago because there was a massive debate about it on another forum. Unfortunately this particular web site is now`defunct !! and try as I might I can now only locate regs appertaining to health and safety on contamination on water in pools.

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Found this EU reg on swimming pools;

It states no regulations for fencing pools at moment within the EU EEA member states. Voluntary only.
However this could be out of date.


The reason I sought the info out was because it was a “dealer in swimming pool equipement “who first brought this to people’ attention and I never believe anything unless I can authenticate it.
However France apparently have embraced these issues and although only a “directive” it is only matter of time as they are, for once , sensible rules . Also queried it with the architect for our build who stated this would be happening in the near future.

This is the posting that caused a massive furore

In reply to questions concerning fences and domes around domestic pools.
As with most swimming pool regulations and standards most are taken from California USA regulations Fences barriers are now law in many countries due to the high death rate of children drowning in domestic pools. Last year the USA reported over 3000 deaths of children under 5 years old.
Many people are not aware that Andalucia as with all regions in Spain have very strict laws governing all swimming pools. With all laws and regulations, ignorance of the law is not an excuse for not abiding by the law. You have a duty to protect others while on your property and swimming pools are no exception.

Here is a copy of a reply from the same site;

I have spoken to a colleague of mine in my law practice in the uk (im a land/property barrister).
He has spoken with brussels on my behalf.
As of 01/08/2007 a new law will be passed. If you have a pool it must be fenced in with a child proof lock on the inside. It gets worse.
You will also have to display a sign on the gate in Spanish, English and German with ‘PRIVADO’. You will also have to display a sign which indicates no running, no diving, no glass containers and no food. It has to be red writing on a white background.
You will also have to notify your insurance company and then send them proof that the work has been carried out.

My colleague also stated that the policia local will attend to inspect the work, if it is ok they will sign it off. If they are not happy they will have power to enforce you to drain your pool, affix your cover and effectively put a restraining order on refilling till the work is completed.

Believe private homes are exempted providing property as a whole is securely enclosed