Reply To: Estate Agents Fees

Fuengi (Andrew)
katy wrote:
I don’t care what commission the sales people (or negotiators) will be paid as I am not one.
Vendors who are already on Viva’s listings (and many have been for sometime) will ask themselves what difference paying a deposit to viva will make, when they couldn’t manage to get them a sale before. Most would drop their price anyway if they had ever got a serious offer.

I mailed my daughter and told her to read this and her response was (well the polite bit) can you have a look around for some other agents as they won’t be getting any money from me.

I think one of the reasons why sales are so slow is that many just don’t want to come here anymore, the loads of third world looking blocks are ugly. I have several friends who have this year decided to sell-up and move out of spain. Viva reducing their commission isn’t going to put people on a spending frenzy.

what we need is professional service + accountability.