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Chris M

@Flynn wrote:

Thank you Chris for your reply, forgive me if I’m sceptical of your response, as when this happened to me and I challenged one of your IN members as to WHY you should keep half MY holding fee (seller) the agent smugly waved a copy of YOUR contract in my face and told me VIVA keep the rest to cover THEIR inconvienience, and no the failed buyer didn’t see any of his 9000€ back either.

Should you be genuinly serious in your aim to look after clients, my suggestion would be to weed out IN members who deliberately push off plan when bringing clients around to Viva’s resale clients.

I lost 2 potential sales whilst on your books, through this underhand behaviour and was only made wise to it because my IN member office where so angry that they told me the truth.

Hi Flynn,

My apologies for taking a time to come back to you but I have had 24 hours off, looks like that is my summer holidays over!

I understand and accept your sceptism, and this sort of thing is one area of our reasoning to withdraw from the IN Network, I think I explained that it has never been part of our “actual policy” to keep hold of 50% of any reservation deposit, only in extremis have we done so in the past.

We have been quite frankly fed up of this sort of comment coming back to us, made by people who don’t work for us, and don’t follow our practice and yet use the contract to wave in people’s faces. I am sorry you encountered this problem, but in dealing directly with us in future, I am always available and to be advised of client complaints and will be accountable for our actions.

If you believe that we ourselves have actually retained a part of your fee, please do contact me privately and should it transpire that we have then; I will certainly return this to you, but I rather suspect it was the other agent here.

We are genuinely serious, my goodness we couldn’t be more serious in our intent to drop fees to 2% sales commission, and we will now deal alone, with our own clients being vendors and buyers, and will no longer have IN members as you say “pushing off plan” when visiting our vendors properties.

We sell more than 80% resales against new projects, and actually we believe now that figure will grow ever higher, and we also believe that the propensity to lose sales for yourself and for us, will be greatly reduced as a result.

But again and to clarify; we generally don’t keep reservation fees, we follow the contract and return advanced funds, and we no longer are no longer a member of the IN Network.