Reply To: post purchase blues



Dear Allyson

but the Secretary-Administrator has yet to received these funds despite our payments being taken in June

This is what I think you will find, some of the ‘buy to sell on’ and the promoter will not pay community fees until just before an AGM (in the case of the buy to sell on not until legal action is started). The reson they pay just before is you can not vote at a AGM if you owe community fees. Legal action to collect unpaid community fees can only be started if the majority of owners at the AGM give the president the authority to do so, and guess what your president is the promoter.

Is it correct that until the development is formally handed over to us, the developer will pay or reimburse us for the community water, electricity, costs etc?

I don’t know and not the case with us.

Can we refuse the handover because of our individual snagging issues or only on communal problems?

Individual snagging is down to each owner, you will have owners that just don’t care (I know this sounds wrong but they are just investors) and some will care to the point of legal action. As for community snagging I would guess it depends of the severity of the problem, the promoter will always point to the ’10 year’ guarantee. We adopted the same policy I suggested for you and after getting the as much of the bits and pieces done we just demanded the main problems to be sorted. The promoter (believe it or not) wanted to say on for a further year as president to help with community snagging. I like to think that we (the rest of the committee) where strong and got much of the snagging done. Something he could not avoid with weekly committee meetings really 🙂 As I said within a year you will have an AGM which I would suggest you attend, hopefully then there will be sufficient numbers of owners to form a committee. Even now I would approach the president and ask if there is a vice president and if not ask to be it, if not a vocal and ask to go to any meeting they might have. You will have little or no power but at least you can voice your opinion.

Is this mandatory for any pool in any development?

Over a certain size I believe it’s the law to have a lifeguard for the pools to be open. As I say all the communities i know of only have them when they know they are going to be busy. The rest of the time the pools are closed, that is owners are instructed not to use them 😉 and if you do, you do so at your own risk. As for a high fine for ‘anyone’ swimming outside those times I haven’t got a clue but it is not what I’ve been led to believe. I will ask our administrator if they know this is the case.

I hope this answers your points but ask again if not