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Thanks for your words of support – I know it will get better. I just wanted to warn people reading this of what to watch for. Often, you think things will be so inexpensive compared to the UK once you move in but considering lifeguards, community charge, rates etc. etc. I think I’d rather have Council Tax back! People on a pension or limited income should be aware.

We are at La Corona, in Alcaidesa (near San Roque), Cadiz Province. The developer is Grupo Ojeda.

Paul – I wouldn’t think it would be possible to complete without paying the full amount – i.e. keeping an amount back for the snagging? Often people want to move in asap (probably already had many months of delay, as we did) and can’t afford to play a waiting game over snagging.

P800aul – thanks for your sound advice. I wanted to submit a list with every snag so they and our solicitors would see the extent of our issues. We have also asked for compensation for the problems. We upped the spec for marble throughout and this is missing in some of the rooms so there is a case for money back there. But I agree, take out the small things – which we are fixing ourselves and see how we get on.
Thanks for the link.

We are a development of 36 townhouses in Phase 1. Phase 2 (52 larger houses) won’t be finished for another 12 months minimum. Out of the 36, only 14 have completed and it doesn’t appear there are other sales in the pipeline. We have been told the developer will pay for the 24 unsold houses but the Secretary-Administrator has yet to received these funds despite our payments being taken in June.

We have said we will not pay any more Community Charges until issues are resolved.

Is it correct that until the development is formally handed over to us, the developer will pay or reimburse us for the community water, electricity, costs etc?

Can we refuse the handover because of our individual snagging issues or only on communal problems?

You said we will need a lifeguard. Is this mandatory for any pool in any development? We were informed there would be high fines for the Community for anyone swimming outside the lifeguard times.

Many thanks to everyone.

Kind regards.