Reply To: viewing properties


Well, the UK agent I mentioned above sold my house for commission of 1.25%. Another agent was offering to sell it for 1%. To my mind estate agents in the UK are better qualified (usually) than those here (esp the expat ones who operate out of a car and/or bar) and work harder for their money (valuing properly, measuring up, preparing detailed details!). I know the distances involved here may be greater but that’s the same for all of us and ditto re competition.
I perform the same work here as I used to in the UK and charge about 1/2 or at most 2/3 what I used to be able to charge in the UK. And sometimes I have a 3 hour drive!
I think a cap on commission should be about 3% with maybe a minimum chargeable fee (on lower value properties) of say, €3000.