Reply To: Trevor Mcdonald show- Friday


He has himself confronted the chairman of awful estates at a couple. I’m sure he could give you some pointers! Wink

I have also personally confronted the MD of an awful REA – its totally pointless. “Their set line is |”we are only a facilitator introducing you to the developer” “it is your responsibliity to check the legalities” and finally apon my comments about the crap “after sales service” an oxymoron if ever their was one!!!!! I was given the name of a person who did actually nearly … sort some stuff out for me, until they left ! Of course the only reason he allowed me to door step him was because he had already been informed that I have been to my lawyer to prepare a denoucia. They just dont care – why do you think that they are not resident! – the owners of the big REA all live abroad – try and track them down in Thailand or South Africa and see how far you get. They know this and because of all the bribes they have paid to the Marbella Town Hall feel that they are inmune. Whether this changes with all the arrests – who knows.?

Remember that with the big companies the majority of the sales staff are commission only self-employed wide boys who leave after a few months – so can be conviently “blamed” for any furture problems. This was certainly the excuse he offered to me for my problems, this is despite his agency having and Exculsive on the development.

I cannot advise you enough to stay clear of off-plan from the big British agents. Interestingly the big Spanish ones such as Unicasa – check the facts before offering a property for sale and the commission is 2% to the seller and 2% to the buyer. 🙄

There is plenty of re-sale property about – its often cheaper and is available now and you don’t have to worry about LFO!!